Friday, March 23, 2007

Read this one first!

My Webmaster is the most patient of men, but I have started to notice how pale he gets whenever I greet him with "Hey! I just thought of something....".

So as to maintain both our friendship and his blood-pressure, I have created this Blog as a repository for information that might eventually wind up in my main website (

For example, Under "Highland Dress" I have a couple of paragraphs of advice concerning the selection and purchase of 'Kilt jackets'. I did a little more research (ie "Window Shopping") and have some new opinions which will be the subject of my next entry.

"Me being me" - volube ergo suum (I chatter, therefore I am) I shall doubtless also submit to the urge to prose, pontificate and yammer on about whatever crosses that which I choose to refer to as my mind...but you can skip past that bit, can't you!

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