Wednesday, May 13, 2015

I'm still alive and in business - Honest - AND my laptop crashed yesterday, so here's how to reach me.

Here's a link to my FB page - I'm generally good (or at least 'less awful') at posting news and updates on it;

Update for 8 January 2017:

Temporary email change: R7278231(at) telus(.)net

shop phone six 0 four 6 one 7 niner five 7 5 - please text rather than call as a) I seldom if ever pick up in time and b) that's another password I've forgotten, so I won't hear your message anyway.

My (let's face it, 'old') laptop failed yesterday and while I wait for my IT guru to reply to my cry for help I cannot access my 'westcoastkilts' email account.