Monday, May 9, 2011

The Best Kilt Cloth in the World

As you've no doubt read in my website, I only buy cloth from DC Dalgliesh in Selkirk, Scotland.

Here is an informative video about them:

for some reason, my senile old computer won't enable the link. Search for "Scotland's Last Artisan Tartan Mill: A Tour of D C Dalgliesh"


cccwilson said...

Loved the video. Makes me want to go order some cloth. I have always wanted to make a kilt for myself. I've made two for other people. I want my Navy kilt next. I earned it. I want it. I happen to like the tartan. But in order for us to play in the Coast Guard Pipeband, I will have to have a Coast Guard Kilt. I just can't buy a Coast Guard kilt. My father would roll over and shoot me. So I guess, no new kilts for me at this time. I have my Gunn and the various band kilts and that's all I need for now.

Health and Fitness said...

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